Work History

           EX-KLAR has supplied and managed numerous projects for clients that we have established a relationship with for over a decade.  Below are several projects.   (A Complete list of references is available upon request)

  •         Complete Design and Equipment Supply for a new highly energy efficient 60,000 Lt/Day Rectification System.

  •         Design and Equipment Supply for a CO2 Recovery and Liquifying Plant to produce Food-Grade Liquid CO2 for the local soda manufactures including Coca-Cola® and Pepsi-Cola®.

  •         Process Design and Equipment Supply for a new Molasses Clarification Unit. This unit will handle all the molasses used by the existing Ethanol Distillery once it is expanded to 72,000 LPD.

  •         Design, engineering, and equipment supply for a complete Alcohol Distillery, 13,000 LPD Vodka-Grade alcohol, using corn as raw material.  EX-KLAR is responsible for supervising its construction, startup, operator training, and plant performance testing.

  •         1750 kWh, complete power cogeneration installation consisting of a high pressure boiler package, generating at 480 volts, complete with switchgear and controls; a step up transformer from 480 V to 13.2KV, and a GE 13.2 kV switchgear for power distribution to four users. This system runs in parallel with the local utility.

  •        Complete design and specifications to replace and upgrade fermentation ethanol distillery instrumentation. The new system is fully electronic with computerized data gathering, analysis, and reporting,  and it is equipped with two operational work-stations.

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