Process Technologies

  • Fermentation Alcohol Production

            In-House technology starting with Raw Material Handling all the way to Distillation, Storage, and Handling of bulk product. EX-KLAR accumulates over 25 years of experience in this industry, having worked from conceptual design all the way to startup and operation of plants in the US and more than 10 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, and recently, in Eastern Europe. Our president participated very actively in design, construction, and operation of several plants related to the Gasohol program in the USA. Our know-how is not limited to process only, we understand the often forgotten area of Utilities, that usually present as many, if not more, challenges than the core process itself.

  • CO2 - Food Grade Liquid

            The enzymatic reaction carried over by the yeast in Fermentation, produces mainly ethanol, CO2 and heat. Ethanol and CO2 are produced in about the same quantities by weight. This CO2 is a natural by-product that with the proper design of not only the processing unit itself, but the Fermentation area, can be recovered and purified to today’s stringent standards of multi-national soft drink manufactures such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola. We believe the “natural character” of this source can be marketed at a premium, when compared with other sources such as combustion, petrochemical or fertilizer manufacturing.

  • CO-Generation

            A fermentation ethanol distillery is an energy intensive plant. There is a large amount of thermal energy needed to remove, concentrate, and purify the ethanol from the fermented mash. This energy is supplied in the form of low pressure steam. This is a perfect scenario for a Cogeneration application, a secure and existing user for low pressure steam. One can generate high pressure steam and use a steam backpressure turbine to produce substantial amounts of electric power, and still have the low pressure exhaust steam available to run the distillation columns. The proper control system for this backpressure turbine is esential to the success of the system. The overall efficiency of such a setup is far better than that of a regular condensing application, combined cycle, or internal combustion engines. The pay-back is usually very attractive. There is an electric power deficit in most of Latin America and the Caribbean, where private power generation is gaining a lot of attention as the only viable alternative to government owned Utilities. We are prepared to handle these projects as a wholy integrated unit with the distillery, not only as a traditional equipment supplier, component by component.