Instrumentation & Controls

        It used to be that Instrumentation was only justifiable when high cost labor was replaced or in sophisticated, competitive, and heavier industries. In today's competitive market place, this is no longer true. The fermentation alcohol industry is becoming very competitive, economies that used to be closed and protected are now opening and looking for new markets;  producers are now relying on exports to increase their sales as local markets become stagnant. We at EX-KLAR, know that reliable and properly specified and configured controls are a must when one needs to be competitive. Instrumentation allows a plant to run at a reliable and steady rate with a constant quality. The key words here are properly specified and configured. We first learn the process to be controlled and then specify the instrumentation. This kind of approach is very different than that of a instrumentation manufacturer, they need complete specs to quote any given application. We are not finished until the system performs and it is properly tuned. To be able to offer this kind of service, EX-KLAR has developed a strong relationship with several selected US manufacturers that are willing to take these extra steps to assure the client's complete satisfaction. We can arrange for training here in the US or at the client's location. We use electronic instruments with link interfaces to computers for data gathering, display, and analysis. Depending on the size of the system, we will recommend distributed control systems. Today's electronic components are very reliable and repair is readily accomplished by simple replacement of circuit boards. With the use of computers, all the configuration and tuning information for a given controller can be downloaded in a matter of seconds, making replacement a quick and error free operation. To summarize, we approach Instrumentation as an engineered system not as mere hardware supply.